Best Resumes for Attorneys

Finally, a practical guide targeted to meet the special needs of lawyers. Best Resumes for Attorneys enables you to construct a clear, concise, and persuasive resume that emphasizes your strengths. Included are tips on writing compelling cover and thank you letters and adroitly handling job interviews. In today's highly competitive legal environment, the difference between landing a job or losing out to another candidate can be as small as a brief item on your resume. Best Resumes for Attorneys gives you the best chance of securing a new job.

Best Resumes for Attorneys by Joan Fondell and Mary Jo Russo, Paperback, 224 pages (January 1994), John Wiley & Sons; ISBN: 0471309206.

A very helpful and unique tool. --N. June Thompson, Placement Director, Harvard Law School

Very thorough and concise. Helpful to those seeking to make job changes. --James J. Freedman, Esq. Formerly with O'Melveny & Myers

... excellent advice to help the resume writer determine what ... information to include and what to eliminate ... detailed examples ... well organized and graphically pleasing. --Deborah Howard, Esq. Director of Career Services, New York Law School, Reviewed in New York Law Journal, 4/94

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Tips on Resume Preparation

1. Keep it on one page. "Less is more."

2. Create a clean, well-organized resume. You have one chance to get their attention. Don't clutter up the page with excessive information.

3. Place the stronger of your two sections of information (Education or Legal Experience) first.

4. Use white bond paper and use one traditional font.

5. Present your information professionally, without directly "selling" yourself with superlatives.